Friday, 22 June 2012

Bad Service by Pink Parlour, Marina Square

Thinking of getting your manicure done at Pink Parlour, Marina Square? Jessica had a terrible experience with them and vowed never to go back again. "Go to them at your own risk!" she warned.

Below is her post on Pink Parlour's Facebook wall on 8 June 2012.

Hi, I have just done my gelish manicure at your branch in Marina Square and I have to say I am really disappointed.   
I have heard good raves about you guys which is why when my regular manicure place is full, we decided to give it a shot. It is an experience that I truly do not want to relive.  
1) Our appointment was at 7.30, we arrived at 7.15. 15 minutes prior to my appointment time. Guess what time my girlfriend and I left? 9.10-9.15

2) What took us so long? My Gf was done a good 30-45 mins I was done. When her nails were ready, my nails were not even painted at all. My manicurist Rachel, disappeared since the time my girlfriend's manicurist started her painting job.

3) when my gf's manicurist shouted for Rachel (because I told her - since she is already almost done and the girl is not out yet, can she start painting my nails?) - she didn't come out until my gf's manicurist went in to look for her. this is after my Gf's manicurist completed my gf's entire set of gelish manicure.

4) in between when she was curing my nails, she would disappear or ignore me for long bout of periods like 10 minutes or so and I have no idea what to do but to keep pressing the light button to cure my nails repeatedly.

5) In the end, I waited till I got upset and I asked, so what am I supposed to do next. She came and help me to use the solution to clean my nails. Then she realised my nails were not properly cured! And she had smudged one of the nails. I had to sit there All over while she tried to save the nail. In the end she couldn't and she had to redo the nail.

6) the lady in charge told me that a normal gel manicure is between 45 mins to 60 mins. I was sitting there for a good 2 hours and we had to take a real late dinner at 9.40 because most places in Marina Square started closing by the time we got to their shops, or it was already last order N they were closing in 30 mins. 
7) Upon close examination, the surface of some of the nails were rough unlike some were smooth.

Are the reviews by the bloggers inaccurate because you guys sponsored the post, therefore provided better services? I had wanted very much to try other services that you guys had but now, I am sorry we won't be back again.

Here's the response from Pink Parlour:

Hi Jessica, we thank you for your feedback and sincerely apologize for your bad experience. We will be conducting our investigations on the outlet involved so that such service lapse will not occur again. A manager will be contacting you with regards to this very shortly.  Have a great day ahead.

As the case has been escalated to management level, the girls were offered to go back for an "amendment" session whereby two skillful manicurists will be arranged to serve them. Here's what Jessica wrote on her Facebook wall:
... the owner just called me to make the arrangement and we are going back to do it. But they will call and email etc. This has escalated into a management level case, so they say they will get two of the girls that they know do nails properly and they will do it for us again. And he says, he is thankful we are giving them another chance.. and he knows it could be tough for us to go back the next time, but hope that the "amendment" session will change our minds about it. 
We shall see!

Good effort by Pink Parlour in customer retention. However, it is understood that the girls have not gone back for the amendment session to date.

Do you share similar experience at Pink Parlour, Marina Square? Or are you a satisfied customer who would vouch for them? Drop a comment if you have something to share.

Photo source by LipglossJunkie under Creative Common 2.0


  1. Mine bad experience was at Pink Parlour NEX Branch. Did the half arm waxing and pedicure. Half arm waxing was not done properly, still can see some hairs sticking out. Pedicure was done badly as well, not well painted & covered for all the toe nails, nail therapist was so rough and while cutting it was painful. With extra nail paints here and there without removing them off, nails are all cut unevenly. From my experience with so many nail parlour, i am sad to say that this is so far the only 1 i complain?

  2. Also has bad experience at the other salon - Polish The Nails Room. After you sign the package with them, their service becomes worse off. Staff behaving like bosses and not polite especially when they are busy and no customer oriented.. regret signing package with them!

  3. Something must be very wrong with pink parlour if the outlet manager who served us is giving their own pink parlour outlet five star review on trip advisor. I went to pink parlour twice, once in 2011 for mani, which was soso. Decide to give another chance with waxing since its quite name brand. The waxing turned out worse than mani. So disappointed. I wish they can start hiring people who know how to do the job. Although I heard there is actually 1-2 pretty good waxerz. Just need to find out which outlet to go to. I was surfing and checking for names of the good waxers of pink parlour and stumbled on tripadvisor. I can't believe my eyes when I see the outlet manager who has answer my question in the shop before reviewing full star on their own shop. Seriously..???? He seems is a pretty nice guy though but come on pink parlour, how to have confidence when your blog reviews are all bought and other reviews all done by yourself. I will still go and try one last chance to see if underarm wax can do for me proper, if this round still fail, it's bye bye. TJ of Singapore

  4. I had done my gel nails in 2014 too. Both hands and feet. The manicurist tried to clean up the dirt under my nails with the metallic cuticle pusher. She digger so deep I was squirming in pain. She noticed I was in pain but continued with it.

    After that I went Taiwan for a holiday but couldn't enjoy it as I had a severe nail infection in my big toe.

  5. Can you believe that when i did my eyebrow wax at Pink Parlour Tampines, the girl doing the waxing dropped hot wax on my hair????!!! the manager came to clean it up but i lost a few strands of hair that day. never went back to any PP stores again.

  6. Been a regular for nearly 5 years and got the worst waxing session today at Marina Square. Im still left with hair sticking out from my brazilian and half legs treatment. The wax used was not warm, not to mention hot. I was served with a pitiful amount of lotion that left my legs sticky till now. I have good therapists like Yani and Hongxia over the years but they have all left. Failed to maintain its service quality compared to first launch. The mgmt has compromised service quality due to expansion and cost cuttings.

  7. The worst company I have ever used my girlfriend went there to get eyelash extensions and I don't know where to. start they use a cheap glue not intended to go any where near the eyes they then glued the lashes to the skin and in the process got glue in her eye then to get it out they blew a hairdryer in her eyes ?? I received a call from absolutely companyhistorical the staff did nothing and didn't apologise and after 3 weeks the only message we've received from them is a generic email saying it was my girlfriends fault for not following the proper aftercare procedures. She has still not gained vision in her right eye and today she went to her normal eyelash place where the staff were shocked at the kind of glue they used its so strong they couldn't get it off. We have it all on video so will be making a youtube clip shortly

  8. Though I haven't yet any practical experience with Pink Parlour, but if such bad service is continued to all its clients, surely they will be our of their business trend. Thanks for sharing the experience.
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  10. Wanted to post on social media but decided what's the point since my package left 1 only, maybe I will forgo. Did a search and found that even got bad review site. Not happy at all with the service in recent years now. I been a loyal customer since 2013. Even has sign a few package before. Service every year from bad to worse. I hear many people say the company use own reviews because a lot of the good reviews on the social media all done by the staff or the shop owner ownself (like what????). I still continue to use their service because been having my nails and wax done there since day 1 and honestly, they were one of the best 10 year ago.

    Finally I am going to finish my package because now when you want to go and do a girly nail or pedicure, you have all those muscular body building people in the shop!!! So uncomfortable. Who wants all these when you want to go there for girly nails and bikini wax! Very disappointed. Stay away if you are looking for comfort and quality.

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